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Vital for long term results

Finding the highest quality lawn is just one of the steps, if you want lawn that can improve the appearance of your home and in turn add value to your home then it is paramount that you undertake regular and scheduled lawn care and maintenance. A quality and comprehensive lawn care program can help protect your lawn for the best results long term.

There are some fundamental aspects that are crucial to ensure the most effective lawn care possible. With over 40 years of industry experience we understand exactly what lawn care is needed to achieve the best results.


It is important to water your new turf immediately after it has been laid as a vital component of effective lawn care. This is necessary so the water can seep through to the soil and should be undertaken for the first 14 days.


Traffic should be kept to a minimum in the first 4 weeks of the lawn being laid. Pets and pedestrian traffic should be avoided to ensure the new turf is allowed to establish its roots into the new ground, to ensure positive long term results for your new lawn.


Fertilise your lawn 2-3 times a year, between the months of September to April. For the best lawn care it is important to remember to water your lawn immediately after it’s fertilised, to prevent the chance of burning.


Your new lawns’ first mow, should only be a light trim, as the roots need time to embed themselves into the soil surface. Mowing your lawn too early can affect your lawns growth and hinder its development. It is recommended that your first mow should not be before 4 weeks at a minimum, however can vary according to the season.


If your lawn becomes unlevel or thin in appearance, top dressing with a fine textured soil is recommended. Leaf blades should be kept partially exposed. Fertiliser can also be applied at this time. The top dressed lawn will need to be watered on a regular basis to encourage the growth of the lawn. Please ensure that the lawn is not mowed or walked on for the first four weeks after top dressing.

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