Turf Choice


Before choosing a turf variety that may appear visually striking to you, other aspects need to be considered in order to ensure that you choose the most suitable lawn, not only on a visual basis, but on a practical basis as well.
You may wish to ask yourself the following questions before deciding:

1. How much sunlight is available? This will have a huge bearing as some turf varieties need more sunlight than others. If you have extensive shade, you may wish to choose a Buffalo variety, that will cater for these needs.

2. How much traffic will the lawn be getting? Will it be used as an ornamental lawn or will it be used as a recreational/leisure lawn that will be used extensively by children or pets?

3. Can the area you live in become frost-affected? Certain grasses can lose their colour in the winter months if exposed to extreme cold temperatures. Lawns that retain that colour better are MATILDA SOFT BUFFALO,PALMETTO SOFT BUFFALO,SAPPHIRE SOFT LEAF BUFFALO, & KIKUYU.

4. Do you have adequate soil and are all drainage problems, if any, rectified?


Kikuyu, a beautiful lawn at an affordable price.


Turf Measurement

At this point you will need to measure the area to be turfed by length and width and multiply these to get the area you wish to cover. For example: If you have a square that is 7m wide and 15m long = 7 x 15= 105 m2.

You need to do this to every section you wish to turf.

If you are unsure about how this is done, do not hesitate to contact our sales office and we will advise you further.

These questions need to be carefully considered so that your choice of turf variety is the most appropriate for your needs. If you are uncertain, please contact us and will review your conditions and advise you of which variety, may be most suitable for your specific area.