Turf Suppliers (FAQ)


 I have weeds on my ground, what can I spray them with to eliminate them, before preparing the area?
You may use Glyphosate (Round Up), to eliminate these weeds. Some weeds/ grasses may need a second application after 7-10 days, if the weeds have not been eradicated completely.

How much soil do I need to spread before I lay new turf?
It is recommended you spread a minimum of 50mm of Soil underlay before laying your new turf. Ensure that the soil is smooth and level, to allow for the new turf to embed its roots into the soil.

What soil should I be spreading before I lay the turf?
A turf underlay, which consists of fine textured soil and washed river sand. Most Nurseries sell it as a 80/20 mix.

Do I need water crystals before laying my turf?
Water Crystals are recommended to allow for better water retention and absorption.

Do you recommend I spread any fertiliser before laying my new turf?
Fertiliser can be spread prior to laying your new turf. This will enhance the growth of your new lawn during its establishment period.
You may contact our office for further details.

Do you offer a site preparation service?
No. however we are able to recommend youto a reputable tradesmen that will be able to assist you with these needs. Contact our office for further details.

Do you offer a laying service?
Yes, we do offer a laying service at an extra charge. Prices vary depending on the accessibility of the job site.

 What days do you deliver?
We deliver turf Monday-Saturdays.

 How much turf should I order?
Please refer to our online Turf calculator, to help you with your measurements.

 Which variety of turf will best suit a shady position?
A Buffalo lawn is your best choice for a shaded position.

 I have dogs, which lawn will be the most durable and hard wearing?
Most Buffalo varieties will tolerate high wear from pets.

 My home is based on the coast line, which variety would be most suitable for my conditions?
Most lawns will tolerate coastal conditions.

 I live in a frost affected area, which grass will keep its colour better through the winter months?
Sapphire,Palmetto and Matilda Soft Leaf Buffaloes.

 After laying my new turf, should I be topdressing it?
Yes, top dressing is recommended as it will prevent the turf from drying out during the establishment period. Ensure the grass is watered to encourage the growth.

 How many days’ notice do I need to provide before placing my order?
Ideally at least 2-3 days notice is recommended.
During warmer seasons it is advisable to allow at least 4-5 days notice.

 Do you charge a delivery fee?
Delivery is free if orders are over 100sqm within Sydney Metropolitan areas.
Delivery fees do apply for orders under 100sqm pending the Suburb of delivery and Quantity of turf required.

 How do I make payment for the turf once I have placed my order?
Payments can be made at time of ordering by VISA or MASTERCARD.
We also accept Direct Deposit (2 days before delivery)
Or Cash payment on delivery.

 How long do I have to wait before we are allowed to walk onto the newly laid turf?
It is recommend that all pedestrian traffic be avoided for the first 4 weeks in the warmer seasons.
At least 6-8 weeks during the cooler periods. This will allow sufficient time for the roots to embed themselves into the new soil.

 How often should we be watering the new turf once we have laid it down?
Warmer Seasons: the new lawn will need to be kept moist for the first couple of weeks or until the roots firmly embed themselves into the soil base. The turf will need to be watered every day during the warmer seasons.
During the Cooler seasons: Turf will need to be kept moist for the first few weeks, however will normally not need to be watered every day, as the water will not evaporate as quickly during the cooler weather.(Unless windy conditions are experienced).

 When should I be mowing the lawn for the first time after laying it?
When the roots have firmly embedded into thesoil,and the turf cannot be lifted off the soil.
The first mow should only be a very light trim.

 How do I know if my lawn has Army Grubs ?

Lawns that have the presence of Army Grubs, tend to have yellowing brown circular patches that tend to grow in diameter over a number of days.
During humid and moist Summer and Autumn months, it is important to keep an eye on your lawn for Army Grubs. A good way to find out if your lawn has Army grub is to soak a hessian bag with soapy water & place it on your lawn late in the afternoon and leave it overnight, lift the bag up in the morning and see if there are any brown grubs underneath.
You may also poor warm soapy water on the area in question, wait a few minutes, and if there are any grubs in your lawn they will surface to the top of your lawn.
A good indication of when you should do this test is in the presence of any little brown moths hovering over your lawn area. If there are little brown grubs in your lawn your local Nursery or hardware garden centre should stock Lawn Army Grub insecticide. It is best to apply late in the afternoon.

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